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to Dr. Champney's cases, but there is no exact note either
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charged to a population of 314,666, and not only so, but to that
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We recognize the need of some proper charitable accom-
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gradually passes into a shocked condition and may die in a short time
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in two, and on the twelfth day in one patient. In two patients
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equipped sj)a. The methods adopted are massage, hot douching,
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have not succeeded in arresting the progress of the disease, and it
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the same sense that the alimentary canal elaborates the ma-
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ward by opponents, are for the most part theoretical, and
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conditions which will occur to all, be treated to a sola-
aabab virginal tablets
vocal tube^ or resonating chamber, the Pharynx helps to give
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show proper respect for the office of county superintendent of
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tives, and from the girl herself, a strong stand must be made that
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be better understood from the studies of the assistants at
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for it then, almost without exception, is caused by new-growths,
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permanent establishment of such an institution as is required by
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below the urethral orifice. The orifice was unduly high, and the neck of
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deal with the special problems that are now pressing for solution
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the muscular tissue of the arterioles remained suflSciently intact to be sensible
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said that in his opinion this might arise from (1) the
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classes are less sensitive than those in more comfort-
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can profit from the fact that Tennessee and Louisi-
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Am I not entitled to tell you, that there is an analogy between gout,
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Thus, the lawyer, the farmer, and the seaman, would
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it does so in a manner which is truly admirable. There are many who
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hypertension. Hypertension requires therapy titrated to the individ-

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