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its seat and what its cause ; and, finally, what is to be done.
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already in the latter country. The results in the Brit-
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oversecretion of the thyroid hormone, while some of the secondary
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of the above Society vHU be held at the College of Phyekiana
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have notes of twenty cases of gout and rheumatoid arthritis, and four
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required to carry out, in theii' representative capacity, the views and
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Observations on The Brains of Men and Animals infected with various
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sidered specific and probably the cause of the disease. According to
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this, she gave directions to her eldest daughter where she
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life, especially in those in whom there is a large amount of residual urine,
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newly hatched remain until about the sixth day, when they migrate
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work he will be asked to do, until in a rush he will get in one day more
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been distinctly recognised, if the prevailing notions respecting tuber-
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raphy as the diagnostic imaging modality of choice and
described. I submit all this for consideration ; with
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Visceral aurse. — The onset of an attack is often announced by some
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better than a gradual one which requires to be much
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tinued irritation, a susceptible, irritable temperament, anxi-
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for a short time each day, gradually lengthening the time spent out of bed.
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colleagues also noted flushing associated with the admin-
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large proportion of such cases it is over the rectus
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generally possible to overcome these symptoms. According to some the
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thought that parturition tolerated chloroform, as well as syphilis did iodide
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strength in less than three montlis. He took half an ounce of the chlo-
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Army in many positions of trust, responsibility and dan-
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86° F.) ; the third was first placed in a temperature
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onstrate the value of the method in the treatment of empyema cases.
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(rubeolar), with disturbance of the tension from nasal catarrh.
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It is upon this organic materialized memory inherited frpm
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D. Weisse, the author of a recent work on surgical anatomy.
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— Manas^ila — The Afijanas — The Common Rasas — Navasdra
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relapses in nervo-tissue (neurorecidivS), and are often manifested as
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color. Chromatoid rods are found in a majority of the cysts, repre-
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Acute Dilated Cardiomyopathy as a Cluster in Children,
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gives a total elimination of 1.22 calories per minute, or 35.9 calories
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nervous organs, is the inability of the virus to pass the barrier of the

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