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marketing of Southern cattle have had such a blighting effect upon
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" The Hock " ; Dr. G. H. Roberts, report on " Dislocation of
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with the result that in a very short time (fifteen to twenty
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decussation at the chiasma, and their termination near the nucleus.
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space to prevent crowding or misconstruction. When sufficient space is
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in the visceral pleura is still patulous It sometimes
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It has been noticed that sulphonal disturbs the cerebral cortical
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and the success attained by some observers from its use far
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Whitridge Williams, in a study of the causes of foetal deaths occur-
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Two midwives continued to visit the patient unknown to the
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plaque-like fibrous thickenings with hyalinized portions and
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such an opinion. In a few days his strength began to
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Thus the cases in which " motor aphasia " occurred as a result of the
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performed, a portion of intestine sloughed, and an artificial anus
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inaugurate a reform where reforms are most needed. Credit is
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comicUs, ever ready to prepare a paper when called upon to add to the
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He first used it in mild cases of cholera and of choleratic diarrhoea ; prov-
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' I haTe a >von:l to my, Tho first m Abscess in ike
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production have been offered.' In many cases, mechanical interference
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their effect on the immune system. The literature associating
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which had undergone partial degeneration, the degree of change being
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post or station to be assigned to each class, within the limits pre-
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his case, found the metamorphosis of the nitrogenous elements
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round-celled infiltration, sclerosis, hyaline degeneration,
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membrana tympani ; which can occur during the ascent of high
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kitchens and cooking utensils, the tents and the company
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type of tuberculosis. There may be a delayed positive
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Address, Eastern Dispensary. CT bMux ^tre•^ New York.
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proper man this will eventuate into a permanent part-
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ganglia of the sympathetic — especially the solar plexus — show evidences,
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between the sick and the healthy may be necessary in order to
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