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of fatty matter it contains. In a word, nature has so or-
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blindness, chronic acid which causes ulceration and perforation of the
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researches out of which their successors have evolved
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Whether it is because our admiration ceaseth in things that
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Cwmcfl;— James Allen, Esq^ York; E. BaUy, Esq., Liverpool ; Edgar Barker. F.R.C.S.B. ;
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necessary, to avoid forming an eschar, and thereby a permanent
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Delthil prescribes the drugs in the following way. Benzoate of
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with the saddle on, you may now proceed to mount the colt.
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make us as happy as religion can. If Masters of facto-
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25"3 per cent, successful; and "incomplete" in eighty-five cases,
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urine were obtained by Dr. Pfaff from prisoners in the
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are cold, and there is a feeling of universal discomfort, with an utter indisposition
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possible danger of septic infection and extravasation of the
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Cowell considers to be always syphilitic. Ihis form of ulcer, on whatever part
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two terms in classification. Neither Treponema nor Spironema has
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as he was naturally impressed by the recovery of the^first patient.
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saved from the grave by its influence. But, after all, the advocates of its
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From June until November, 1901, the total number of cases
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II may be especially important when renal blood How is
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half a pound of powdered white sugar to the apples, beat
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the habit of puncturing just in front of the latissimus dorsi
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eye, containing respectively the aqueous humour and
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tion). But, as this circumstance can generally only be deter-
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when passed, but a nebulous deposit composed of mucus and phosphates
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to give the above notice, and being of an obliging turn of
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Mr Robert L. Kennedy, Denver Medical Society, 1850 Williams
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is perfectly simple to observe that the lowering of the renal threshold
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piec<'s infected with the antlirax (spores), when trans-
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Conclusions. — From the above description of the patho-
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drinks, fatty and saccharine foods, are not allowed during this
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and the fourth one-third of the second and so on until the entire ankle
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way of curing disabilities. The importance of a due appreciation of

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