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more of the flesh-making principle than most articles of food.
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ing from the meninges, penetrate the brain, or which are encapsulated,
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Cleanliness relates to ablutions of the body, washing
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may also be caused by the overflowing of the courses, or by
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(horses), and interlobular (cattle). There can be emphysema of any
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pended to the board of visitor," is false, as there is but one such clerical
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Cauliflower. — Early Dwarf matures and produces a
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not common. It was present in 15 per cent, of the mild cases, in 25 per cent,
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another new theory, and system of treatment called the
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of the spinal cord, and had taken its course outside the mem-
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one cycle with Av-Sa=^0S)7, Vs-As^=Q.06S, one cycle with Sa-Av = 0S)2,
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knowledge of the clinical era of the ninteenth century. Traditional
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semiflexed. The tumor was grasped at its base and pressure
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from the fleshy overgrowth by picking through with the finger-
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the principle itself, but from the defects of the system by which it
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scientific diagnosis. He rightly bestows great honor on the men
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ical writers. What is thus true for one critical at-
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had recently been made, but there had been none. I imme-
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then washed and dried, and, after being packed in muslin bags, are
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If there be not a healthy heart muscle, but if granular,
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at first held some distance from the mouth and gradually approached,
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these epidemics ; higher rates occurred in some of the smaller of the
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sicians and Surgeons), held May 25th, it was voted to
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in former publications. Among the subjects treated there may be men-
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by nature to obtain more than a small quantity of this
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, Incidence of Infiltrations and General Reactions among the Vaccinated Troops.
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all the most important particulars regarding them, as well as the
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have been shown to give the hay-fever reaction. The distance, how-
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Vachbr. Mr. F., remarks on a new midwifery forceps 231

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