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general condition, which seems purely muscular, comes on when
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he wrote his graduating thesis, in 1862, on this peculiar malady, —
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Iquantitiesof asalcetida, garlic, or spirits of turpentine,
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has been extreme. As a result of it a great afflux of blood to
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sulphur. Disinfection of sputum, feces, infected clothing, bedding, vessels,
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place after laparotomy; to close a large wound of the abdominal
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clothing must be loose enough to allow perfect freedom to the
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mainly to this characteristic and to the special features
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MELIEB.— Bektlon de la Fierre Jaona sorranoe a Saint Naaira an
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succeed by systematically removing the irritating and fer-
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of modern scientific freedom and of historical research, not
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appear to him best calculated to ensure the most speedy relief
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the observation, that as long as the color of the ointment of iodide of pot-
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years, all of whom were afflicted with lues hereditaria. Of these, 11
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Macchia at Downstate Medical School, Box #79, 450 Clarkson
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whenever an instrument was passed he soon after had a chill,
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dying of sexual starvation, their physical exhaustion being aggravat-
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before the handles are brought in contact ; and having too much spring in the
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periments have been recently instituted in the Philadelphia Alms-house,
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positive bone scans had elevated serum calcium, elevated
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amplified, and containing an entirely New Chapter on
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sciousness, without a loss, in hysteria, and a varying
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smaller than the mule, as it preserves the diminutive
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fore proceeding to operative measures. Sometimes it will be.
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complete protrusion of the tumour beyond the anus, in which case
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pulmonary artery had its origin. The left ventricle held a small coagulum of
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Subsequently the " Grove Tavern " took the place of the old school-

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