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is more profound than that which normally occurs during deep

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the mucosa due to the mechanical presence of large numbers of coccidia

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A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous System. By James Ross,

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Veterinary Officer of Health of the secretion of a single cow,

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missure between the two visual word-centres, in some part of its course

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ment : Rest, opium, small quantities of peptonised milk.

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report of its pathological character, by Dr. F. W. Sears, of Syracuse : "In

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merits and sphere, and even in our day unanimity has not been

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was higher than in any previous year on record" (namely, to 1868). It

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physically and mentally gave promise of health and life.

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under some error as to the connection of the disease

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crease in the amount of acid was noticed. In the present experiment,

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puncture was performed in order to exclude meningitis, and I

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with the International Congress on Tuberculosis authorized at the last

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dilatation did not travel out of the spinal cord, there was not

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Prison Reform. — Mr. Hanna took great interest in his work in con-

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where its contact is most intimate." As for the he-

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where a })ermanent opening was made for pleural ef-

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The principles enunciated in the foregoing, and adopted

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air, and bad management. It usually dates its origin from what

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years, all of whom were afflicted with lues hereditaria. Of these, 11

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hydrochloride; 0.50 per cent, of atropine sulphate, and

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For full details regarding the removal of cerebral tumours, see p. 78.

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