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ures, I beg to refer to a few cases treated by the exten-

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andro 400 menshealth

By RoBBtlT Barnes, M.D., P.R.C.P., Obstetrical Physician to St.

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also a certain amount of mental weakness or mental con-

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sistence it felt remarkably solid, as if there was a growth in its walls.

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sugar and of washed clean currants, I lb. of butter, 8 eggs.

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or three times a year. The epistaxis has never borne any time relation

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distressing symptoms of locomotor ataxia, but would stop

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examination should take place in the laboratory ; the botanical

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There were just twice as many deaths among the negroes as

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All sterile supplies are assembled in bags of double thickness of


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The city in which we now meet is one of the most remark-

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of tuberculosis. On September 1st all evidence of active disease in the

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unsuccessful in obtaining any depressor action, and with them I

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tient exhibits indications, as it were, of involuntary deglutition. The

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action of the gelsemium in the case of a lady in 1870. who visited

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mutate and grow uncontrollably, crowding out healthy cells and

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of modern liquor manufacturers be composed of, to have the power

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strual irregularities, conception, miscarriage, and difficult child-

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tion (September 1st), to "Reader" (August 11th), and to

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