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sutures were unusually firm, and the fontanelles nearly obliterated.

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ever invented — -and decorated cast-iron stoves were substitu-

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"Well, Ruth, can you see it? Now tell me the truth.'

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will produce infection, but the character of the infection will vary

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kingdom. One-sixth of these appointments have, in the first instance, been

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there must always be plenty of slacked lime, dry ashes,

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harbour were compelled to remove to the island, to avoid the effluvia

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most of the sewerage system in large cities is based

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reer is sufficient. In any great emergency, such as

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next generation to him. the writings show us a falling back again

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chiefly arisen in consequence of his using the term varicella in a

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word. Dr. EL, in copying the reference, converted the r into

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exact nature of his trouble, telling him plainly that I feared the

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had not been influenced by repeated intravenous injections of salvarsan, mercury

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was formed in Berlin in the Spring of 1909 a few months

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— Dr. Osier will deliver an address on the 3rd of April next,

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that it contains cases and experiments by which the author claims to ba^k

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much timidity. Perhaps we are justified in supposing, that the

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but the actual personal expenses of any member while engaged

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Pharmacists can not be too careful in the use of metric weights

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Three of these failures have already been submitted to hysterec-

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membrane, and there appears to be no reason why this

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ItS aCtiOll iS prompt, stimulating the appetite, and the

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have disappeared from the mucous membranes and the skin.

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cow. I have frequently been called to an animal and found that

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Mardi Ist — The erysipelas seems to have run its course,

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by the toxines of the specific organism and by serum of immu-

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mation in the kidneys is generally produced by vascular derange-

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good book is always to learn a great deal. Beyond this

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importance of its cultivation, as well as to lead it essentially to un-

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