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7. Ejiilepsy and tetany are sometimes found together,
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treatment. What have we learned of the limitations and,
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and of the bacteriologist, who, it considers, should be recognized as con-
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for a week or ten days or a fortnight longer. Desquamation does not
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a congenital heart-lesion. The peculiar sallow tint of the skin in infantile
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soothed, worn-out tissues repaired. Silently every torn or
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such as diluted tincture of iodine or carbolic acid in lanolin.
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retracted as far as the usually accompanying phymo-
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These tenets are generally accepted, though often overlooked, foi
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of sharp tears ; the eyes extremely acute, and unable to
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four weeks, great caution insisted upon in getting up, and
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mas as are produced by the irritation of dyed under-
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entered. Since he adopted this practice tetanus has
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minutes previously, to the consternation and horror of the rest
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encouragement to faithful and persistent labor, while his sudden decease
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In discuHsion, Du. Witiikkhpoon, of Nanhville, Raid
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of bleeding, with the finger. At 10 P. M., and at mid-
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history of former "nervous breakdowns" in civil life in which the symp-
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hogs (constituting a part of a shipment) that had been slaughtered
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patients and friends have found. — British Medical
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fects of rotation, planting of nitrogen gatherers, green
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are the diarrhoea of prematurely weaned infants, and the infantile
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laxing his arms and legs from the rigid state in which thev were con-
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fore, in the presence of eclampsia it may be stated that
androgel is used for
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is due to long-standing obstruction in the passages. This has been sometimes
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spiral streaks which ornament the confectionery ; papas are so
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as has been inferred by Magendie. He was not piepared to say what
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3. While the salicylates neither prevent nor ameliorate the cardiac
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Army during the Revolution, celebrated his hundredth
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It would be a work of supererogation to bestow f It is undoubtedly the most complete and useful
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ular, a small dose of castor oil is to be prescribed. The dose
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people can do with. from four to five hours; and others with even less
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be sharp and snappy. It may be aided by striking the hand upon the
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With these precautions Santesson showed that tinctures prepared
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able to bear, and later when a greater degree of pressure

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