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lymph. The first two, which had respectively 20 and 50 c.c.

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notices of marriages and deaths of physicians, and to all other

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the outside. These methods secured a strong splint, it is true, if made

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faradic irritability of the muscles; while the galvanic irritability of

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the knee joints. In addition, hsematozoa have been described as occurring

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before transfusion, and 120,000 on discharge. The bleeding time on entrance

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plication is what we have to recognize this is perforation in the majority.

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its stead use the term " rapid delivery." The former, savouring as

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the bench; and endeavored to moderate the court in my favor. Then I

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water, thickening this fclution with crumbs of bread, aad af-

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Finally, there is painful micturition, a symptom which may be the first to call

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removal was not attempted owing to the size of the growth and other

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forms may be freely given with advantage. The value of this

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points, representing colonies of the Bact. Lactis Acidi. Un-

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ri''ht arm is the strongest because il is used the most,

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While all the smaller yaws may entirely disappear this large one may

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by mercuric chloride in the presence of dilute acid when tested by itself

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Hysteria does not counterfeit tabes ; for where the knee-jerk is absent,

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to warrant the establishment of a new genus, Treponema, for the syphilis

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mucous membranes as tiny isolated points which rapidly

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entirely. The three most commonly used are those of

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indeed serious consequences have followed its performance.

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optic neuritis in tumoi's those of the cerebellum came

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the time of necropsy, it appeared that the surgical treatment was alto-

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healthy-looking man, about 44 years old. Over 20 years ago

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fifteenth centuries in Ethiopia, see Samuel de Dabra Wagag, p. 17, 1. 7 et

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