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1 Med. News, May 19, 1888, p. 546, and Sajon's Annual of the Univ. Med. Sci., 1889, vol.
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ment of tubes with very minute openings had been of
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preparation are taken from the London Pharm. Journal, viz :
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tions I have already spoken of when using the latter.
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oscillations in tension ; such cases should be in the hands of an
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ing. The child lay obliquely across the abdomen, the head towards
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which, after telling how much he had suffered from nervous prostra-
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there results an actual weakening of the wall with, sooner or later, the
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a fact which was noticed by Glisson, by whom none of the symptoms
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Hcemoptysis is not at all uncommon, but except in late stages of the disease
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close by wishing them all a merry Christmas and a happy New
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secondary to acute disease, but in primary catarrhal
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the same opinion as Professor Vincent, who, in speaking of hydatids
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considerably saturated with this pagan notion, and the Romish Church
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the abdominal viscera as seen from behind — after Luschka — shows the
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ance of knowing the characteristics of the vaccine lesions, strongly insisted
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only against unfairness, sin against individual souls
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very injurious to its host. Specimens of Tarsonemus [sensu stricto)
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Synonyms : — Follicular stomatitis ; fibrinous stomatitis ;
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growth or the lymphatics leaving it. As far as possible the whole
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It will also be remembered that those of the larvae shown
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vomitus of this character is seen in yellow fever. Vomiting of fecal
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had left scars, there were telangiectases above the affected parts, and both
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The discoloration may take some days to appear on the surface if the
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toward a solution of what is sure to prove a thera-
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the next few weeks further improvement occurred in the left side,
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frozen beef : — It is better to hang beef in an airy, well-ventilated
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which was directed by a physician who visited the children as
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In the fifth week para A agglutinins were quite marked, and continued to
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incision. On examination the swelling was found to be about the
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the Governor and the Attorney General to review the

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