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Theo. Hyslop : General Paralysis of the Insane. Hospital

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near Bordeaux. He was so violent that it was necessary to

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Britain, the necessity for the creation of an adequate uniform

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that the nuclei exercise any influence in bringing about blood

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Diseases and Injuries of the Ear. By Sir W. B. Dalby. London : J. and

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have recovered £1,000 damages from the "Harness Medical

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had a case of diphtheria in a child, aged 2 years. On making my last

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me " that she had no fear; she could not catch small-pox." Her face

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also be little doubt that the nucleus exercises a controlling

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wives, and received payment in money, vegetables, winecand other

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form tic which had failed to yield to other treatment. He reviewed

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whom came from the nortli, and the other three were local

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was a very important one, and he hoped to put it to the

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increased intensity of the contagium — in other words, a true

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mend matters in the provinces. Jt is proposed to confer on

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eyelid, loss of power successively in left arm, right arm, and

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that due to sliell fish, or that sometimes brought about in

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During last month upwards of 'lOo cases of small-pox occurred in the

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far as as to suggest a financial plan for the carrying out of

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length. The males are smaller than the females, and, like

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shall meanwhile be glad to receive communications fi'om

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included sueli well known members of the medical profession

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members attended the meeting: A. G. McHattie, M.D.. An-

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severe abdominal pain, and the liver was found to reach down

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Moorfields, 1 p.5i.— Mr. W. Lang ; Corneal and Sclerotic

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line pancreatic solution. The pills have a finished appear-

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Dr. Muwayori South Afl-ican Clininte in Relation to Disease,

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absence of any previous history of mischief either in the stomach or

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tents, away from the solar rays, and the subjects most likely

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