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testicle), one of which, being impregnated in the act of coi-
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pox, this latter according to Dr. R., is always attended with in-
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The publication of any paper is not to be understood as
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but their standing and their position in the army are very
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in the quality of the blood. That menstruation exerts a depurating action on
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drug in one of these '' sweats," it seems to me, will be
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to be nearly an inch shorter than the bone of the uninjured leg.
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temporal bone, 585 ; of the ujjper part of the sliaft
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If the thrombosis or stoppage have occurred in a vessel which is the
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system. But by whatever mode of action it exerts iU curative effects,,
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ed manner. So far as it is new, for Chanteniesse applies the methods
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on the individual symptoms, show how confused a conception of
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form, age, condition, movements, action, &;c. As
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scopic examinations and chemical analyses demanded, without
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pronounced indications of prostatic dysuria. Tandler and Zucker-
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who are in earnest unite cheerfully with the physi-
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deeper layers of the mucous membrane aie involved. Clinically,
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came into the room where the patient was, in a great

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