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senses a process which they could not comprehend. Moreover,

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the records of a number of cases which have come under his observation at Guy's

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Cr. 8vo. Vol. I. Pp. X + 365. Vol. II. Pp. v + 391.

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In septic cases with marked failure of the action of the heart the injection

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to say that there were 2 per cent of failure instead of stating that

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its purpose, Mr. Humphreys regards any comparison between it

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made with one part of naphthol and ten of vaseline.

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congested; and in almost one -half the cases we are led

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quently asked, " Could nothing have rescued the unfortunate man from

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introduced into the rectum, will feel the distended blad-

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Intraaortic Balloon Pumping; An Overview of Its Current

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As a matter of fact, the operation, however satisfactory

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become a cult, and studied the subject at various continental and

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^-six inches, 45.0^ ; seventy-two inches, 45.3 ® .

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notic, are as follows: (1) It does not depress the heart.

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and to such other points in the infected districts of the Southern

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may be formed, but in no case was it necessary to augment

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of the Committee on Fharmacentical Preparations; and of the resolu-

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way to be exchanged. I had but a short time to examine

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developed more rapidly than the higher parts, which were supplied

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The normal digestion by the proteolytic enzymes is first reviev^red

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midst, but rather let peace and harmony prevail, with

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their vicinity, thus becoming never-ceasing sources of irritation. Finally,

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Of twenty-five samples of bread, seven yielded distinct traces of copper ; and of

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and not infrequently their meals are brought in to them.

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suspected case, and to recognise the parasite or its ova when

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when Dobbin published his paper on " Puerperal Sepsis Due to Infection

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