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with iodoform and olive oil (four per cent.), and a

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of the hemispheres, it derives its blood. The veins of Galen which lie near

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peratures d,x^ predisposing elements, the fact stares us

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sorption and intellection. On the operation of each

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of hard drinkers was 15 per cent, and of free drinkers 15 per cent;

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ligature tied beyond them, and by means of two ecraseurs worked sim-

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milk, say one quart ; drink one gill three times a day ;

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Dr. Meldox said he listened with interest to the paper,

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Presence of Soluble Substance Derived from Pneumococcus in the Blood


will contrast strongly with the cloudy lower layer. The albumen)

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In the investigation of the subject under consideration, it will

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during the Christmas holidays our Historian, Mr. H. E. Bradley, was claimed by death. As a student he was

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have been consumed, the opening made being completely

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disease of the prostate. When cured of his dropsy, I sent him into

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marked degree depending on their extent, their site,

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remains of the operation is a cicatrix, about half-an inch in

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bound upon the face in such a way that the juice will dry on. Cucum-'

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our treatment of the Mormons, this king ordered the midwives to slay all

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2 skin sheets, made of muslin, 18 by 18 inches, hemmed.

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can be associated with major arrhythmias (complete heart

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were fired simultaneously. They discharged a heavy bullet nearly

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tion to the chest, by means of a mustard paste or a

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nutritive value, and containing extractives which are dangerous to those

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the time the disease was declared at an end. At the cessation of

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paralysis is generally free from danger, being but rarely connected

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sitating resection or amputation ; 63 per cent, were cured, and

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(7) In very advanced cases, in which one cannot reasonably hope

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patients have been examined standing. In treatment,

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performed, a portion of intestine sloughed, and an artificial anus

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tific knowledge. 1 ' " Without this faculty, and its sign, in a superior

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with a frontage of 75 feet on Twenty-sixth street, and

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already known, which if properly carried out, will drive

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base of the tumour and joining the wound already made for tying the

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.something contained in the air. This something is not a

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