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Cl. T. Campbell, M.D., London, Ont. L. Luton, M.D., St. Thomas, Ont.
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ward and upward, at the same time striking him on the back.
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the custom in England to use a tub for this purpose.
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extent and eventually became rubbed off leaving exposed the moist
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Figs. 8 and 9 represent peculiar bodies found in the marrow of the
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measured. To be exact, the hour of the day, the nature of
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If a disposition to dysentery prevails, errors in diet and catarrhal
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and bis disciples, that every form of the disease is preceded by a specific
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As my aim here is rather to suggest what I feel sure will
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Dr.C. J. B. 'Williams thought that, as yet, no conclusion could be arrived at
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developing themselves in the glands ; and sometimes in the same
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men. The knees being drawn up allows relaxation of ab-
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Med. Zeitung for 1831. Purkinje and Raschkow are quite opposed to
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is very rapid; Stengel that it is very rare; the tumors
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Another most important statement which Mr. Lockwood makes in
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The venerable Scarpa was the first physiologist to dis-
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a severe pain in the little toe of the left foot. He had
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where the supply consists of rain-water collected in cisterns, it is
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Fio. 4.— Cane 4. Fibroid of cervix partly interstitial— project inf|^ into cer\'ical canal— partly
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— the tumor itself appeared round and smooth, covered by
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layers in thickness, which show very little fatty involvement. These cells are in
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its most distinguished workers. His name is associated
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•SO closely as they have done in the past. We can all re-
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the right half of the body of the twelfth dorsal vertebra; and the pus was
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cafls this ** smalUunged emphysema,'' aiul the ordinary form ^^ large-lunged
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brief summary of certain important facts and princi-
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method of experimentation, together with plates illus-
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mosynary and hospital practice, patients not unfrequently come under I
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narrowing of the pelvic brim ; the child had presented by
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furnish ample corroborative evidence of the correctness
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,*• Are the Insane Responsible for Criminal Acts."
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first slow and full, now becomes rapid, the unconsciousness
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the disorder of the nervous system was general paralysis rather than
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powerful influence in these fanatical minds). Caserio had premeditated the
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A few days later the doctor met with an accident, his hors€f
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if mother, father, and grandparents did have consumption
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female oestrus has a peculiar, horn}^ ovipositor, slid-
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the same kind. It was a question how far the tetanic move-
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