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are congenital hypertrophic stenosis, and cicatrix from healed

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traumatic nephritis. Here, if the patient can bear it, a strongly

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For the congestive heart that ain't pumping — just do your stuff and it will start

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will shine all the brigliter for the momentary obscuring.

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endowed by the family of Dr. E. Craig Coats '30, in

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it might be well to warn them to keep their privies free from

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village of 250, in splendid country. One other M.D.

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;idered a third-generation cephalosporin. Moxalactam is

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Most large series of patients with cerebral arteriovenous

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covered with waterproof or oil-cloth arranged in folds to

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style and daintiness of touch shown in the former book

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placed upon the profession at large ; upon them was

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(5,200) showed lymphocytes, 394 per cent. ; polymorphonuclears,

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profession. His literary accomplishments are proofs of his great

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sive days and then leaving it off on the following eight days. When Dr. Dutoit

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dressing covered the whole. Soon the mare objected, threw the

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Suffolk District Medical Society. — The Section for Ob-

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by intranasal methods, nine were completely cured; in eleven a

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in the spring of 183 1, when, without other intimation, I

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by heaping ridicule and contempt upon this crowning glory

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nothing happened. W^en he killed the animal several

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of any kind one pint, molasses one pint ; mix the whole,

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with it ; and then, too, the urine may occasionally be bloody,

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Standard Methods for the Differentiation of the Num-

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First of all, the sire should have a sound organization, free

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soreness at the pit of the stomach, with a sense of tightness and

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Here he presents a heroic family drinking from a clean mountain stream— the

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besides that, by the swinging movements the blood is

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