Catuaba Tea

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ingly, had ever faced death before. It is proper, consequently,
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whenever small-pox threatens to spread in a district there is a rush for
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tuted the warp and woof of his thoughts by day, and of his
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the desired effect. The proposed treatment is to administer the
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pale. Heart and lungs normal. There is a distinct prom-
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For many reasons, at this stage of training, it is most
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University; M.S. 1952, Fordham University; Ph.D. 1959,
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Resorcin in Summer Complaint. — Dr. Brooker writes to
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The Convention then adjourned until •-' o'clock, P. M.
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L.R.C.P. & S. (Edin). D.P.H. (Camb.) ; Hospital-Assistant P S.
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demotiiacal or divine interference. This being the case, a disease
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classification with the characteristics of the several groups
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diagnosis of disseminate sclerosis, and considers that the following points
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bowel have upon the body nutrition can be observed most fre-
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cartilages, we perceive, through a very fine tunic or membrane, a
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operative attemptH to restore th(! harmony ; they geem
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Most of the universities were in the first flush of
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researchers, excellent graduate and undergraduate educators, and quality, compassionate patient
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the walls of the blood-vessels, cedema of the nerve-
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that heart complications were more frequent in the mountains, gastric and
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oppofite to that in ufe among the Indians ; and has
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of fingers are present. They are extremely difficult to diagnose from a
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July 8th, while in swimming, had sudden colicky pain in lower
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authority than H. C. Wood, especially in the early stages, the theory being
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tached to either side and the left about an inch anterior to the
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or dull, boring or aching, superficial or deep-seated. Sometimes,
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of the Bnsqnehanna, and will report in person without delay to Aisittaat

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