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are added together and diluted until the spectroscopic band
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and from this time he lost all power of motion in the leg. On admission the
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eases, each, however, characterized by the same phenomena in the early stage,
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All that is positively new in this treatise, is the pecuhar method of forming
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the body which is opposite to that on which the efi'usion occurs. If you have
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directed, in order to form any satisfactory opinion, whether the child
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becomes apparent at the end of forty-eight hours and distinct
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as '•'• digestion of the walls of the stomach after cleat h,^^ and was re-
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us, how comes it that plague has never appeared in those establishments? And
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the first case in whicli M. Breschet operated, in order that the attendant diffi-
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" Rationale. — When the potassium is brought in contact with the chloride of
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are no symptoms of angina. Six such attacks have occurred in two years,
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These ulcers of the skin are of the indolent kind; they have no
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Dewees and others, and are not very rare, the writer having now a patient,
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This patient has taken no benzol since January 9, and left the hdpital

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