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Curtiss, William Martin Stanley, Bristol, May 17, 1914.
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INDERAL is prescribed for angina pectoris, the patient should be cautioned against
was removed and the wound treated. He also had a suppurat-
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" follicle," and himself professor of anatomy in Mar-
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curred. It is probable at the time of the act, that her modesty and
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surface of the peritoneal cavity which would have entitled us to a
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Finally, there is painful micturition, a symptom which may be the first to call
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These gas cysts vary in size from microscopic dimensions to large blebs.
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Selections from the following American authors are read:
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twenty-four hours, some of this glycogenic matter is converted into
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ger of rupture is also increased. This is so true that
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from the fact, that at a time and in circumstances, when too many
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extended up the anterior surface of the spinal cord and involved the
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acetylsalicylic acid, by increasing the heat production, overcompen-
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so far been invoked for explaining the origin of these neoplasms
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cerned in many diseases of unknown etiology is due to their ultramicro-

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