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1. By Taxation of the People. 2. By Fees from Examination of
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at some length, its geographical distribution described, and
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which appeared one hundred and fifty years ago, we observe a striking
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away in a few seconds. There is no true angina pectoris before
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At the Medical Society of London, Dr. St. Clair Thomson
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a biulding erected near the Jaffa Gate, where lepers who
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nual session of this Association will be held in Selma April
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tissue and large veins, and the rapidity with which poisons act upon their
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patients are commonly very much depressed and some de-
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drivers, firemen, conductors, etc., 1 out of every 166
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apparatus was applied, similar to that used in fractures of the bones of the
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taken place. Tuberculosis of the joints, as of the lungs,
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protected, for competition would lie destroyed. Nor can a generic
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which can be applied over the site of the vaccination, is also
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And I shall not enlarge upon the popular fallacies re-
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and the collateral branches of the median supplying
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quantities of not very virulent bacilli, most of the
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supposed antidote upon the canine species. The acid was first given, with
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.\frlca : Cape Town, Feb. 16-March 4, 65 cases, 11 deaths.
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in bed until tlftre is resolution of the stomach. Perfect ven-
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Captains Adrian S. Polhemus, William C. Borden, Edgar A. Mearns,
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after the Heinecke-Mickulicz method of pyloroplasty. This
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I have met with and examined four other cases of this kind within the
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is performed by small movements — and that one has rather to excite patients
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polluted by the French, and the French government not
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Xurses. By Louis Fischer, M.D., Attending Physician to the
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est antitoxic power subsequent to the injection of large doses
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Tborlngton, A.M., M.D., Professor -of Diseases of tbe Eye In the
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latter is fatal to the ptyalin ferment of the saliva.
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City, and M. Mound, director of the French Public Health
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District of Columbia : Washington, March 18, 16 cases.
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of the gut. The patient should be kept in bed until the liga-
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rivalry existing between certain of these institutions has be-
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intervals. Dr. Paris informs me, that a patient of his expectorated, in a
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cusses its etiology. The corset and the weakened condition of
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tions of bodies before the city officials were informed of them.
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repeated, it rather embarrasses than relieves the valvular obstruction. This
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ceive the attention and consideration it merits, will be
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results of his study of the mortality statistics of New York
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accidentally omitted, we can say from observation, are in good preservation.
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669,336. Local application of electric treatment to the human
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have collected from the obituary notices in The Journal in suc-
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perchen). For an account of the chemical properties of these varieties of albumen, I

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