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on meeting it in the stomach, intestine, or elsewhere, to

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of methylene blue and 4 grams of lithium carbonate are dissolved in

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hours time. In some of these cases, the supervention of urgent

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died. On examining the prostate I found the seat of two old abscesses

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every three or four days. If this treatment fails to reduce the

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riated. From these orifices ran an acrid fluid, which also excoriated

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with a saw, through the plate and two of the pegs. The portion

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severely from pain in the abdomen, and said he felt

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while intoxicated, she fell down a cellar-way a distance of

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by Dr. Lampson and the other by me, gastroenterostomy was not

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vered some of the trap-doors, or rocks and whirlpools, and feel an

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gether different from the original structure ; neither, as far as we

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