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they get up and walk out, even after a cataract extraction. A

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The second case was one of neuritis of alcoholic origin, the peculiarity

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reeking hot, every day — 320 pints. Truly, had Baron Mun-

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auricle passes on to the ventricle, that between the auricular out-

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Shore Sports Therapy; Sports Medicine Clinic of The Children's Hospital;

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think, correct in saying that the physiological and therapeutical effects of the per-

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for is anchylosis, which renders the animal unfit for further use.

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daily average population, 6.92; on the whole number treated,

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presence, and the wounds they inflict on the mucous membrane bring

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mentally sluggish; her skin was dry and harsh. Her tongue was thickened and

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of the pleural cavity was involved, he advised that (1) the ninth

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Others of our physicians have used helonias, iris, or lycopus,

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dical Recorder, No. 3; and his case of Extirpation of an Osteo-sarcomatous

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cramps in the lower extremities. She was bled, but the operation had

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stratum bacillosum in a short time readilv becomes detached, and we see the stra-

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asked whether Dr. Playfair had noticed relapses in the cases

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lie died in the midst of his usefulness, he is uniformly referred

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Bright's disease or one of hematuria. Unless careful examination

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caused discomfort behind the lower sternum, " as if a fishbone had stuck

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of disinfectants is directly proportional to their concentration,

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blue polymorphous neucleus — often apparently several

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different. The abdominal opening is to be closed and

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tous. The peritonaeum, denuded of its fibrinous exudation, is

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(2) There are certain racial configurations in which

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to me that is one of the most encouraging signs of the

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cause, and with entire unconsciousness of the individual

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cinoma of the liver; mother died from pneumonia. Personal history:

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ure. This case also illustrates the infectious nature of the mal-

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are living things, and are not demonstrable in water by

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served in turn on the board of education, but had a numerous succession of private

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governing the organism in its current course, and stor-

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periods between attacks, must be impressed upon each prac-

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doctor dispenses his own medicine. The latest novelty we

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ring is stiff and flat, with no disposition to curl. The threads

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prognosis than their organic equivalents ; (2), that functional

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the War and Navy Departments) " affecting the * * * bj.

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as low soft swellings. These had been felt during life. The anterior fontanelle

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that these and hot baths are prescribed for the cure of

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into the field a number of 'mitrailleuses,' in batteries of eight

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from December i6th to 23d, seven days-— not a drop was

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Chloroform was employed during the operation, and in about an hour a full

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I am unable to tell beforehand whether it is mainly the

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From -this onward it is only possible to touch the physiology of the

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have been at duty in the hospital seventeen years ; one has resided thirteen

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and whilst in the young there may be, and generally is, com-

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ernmental responsibility as national defence by army or navy, or a

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there is nothing which can do it so well and so easily as an

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8. Does your Board of Health disinfect after tuberculosis, as after

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tion of the round Ugaments, while the uterus is passing from iU natural position to the third

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Pathology of the Thyroid Gland," Lancet, March 11 and 18, 1899.-10. Ord, W. 0. and W. W.

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fact, the gentlemen issuing this " Appeal " know so little about the

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such lymph the areola in no case exceeded | inch in breadth ; and

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ordinary insanity is reduced so greatly as to be valueless for

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within a few inches of the surface by the corrosion of

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syphilitie " or degenerative affections, which owe their causation to the

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that blessed book, and wage a relentless and life-long war against that religion !

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