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luxations of the Tiip and shoulder the untorn 2^ortion of the capsular
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appointed by the Government of India, whereby it is shown
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inspection." He condemned local slaughter houses, declaring
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and if other sections could have been had from regions still higher, it is
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Ill h-t, II I o, 14; III 6 ; I V 1 , 6 (twice) ; VI 1 1 ,
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Intensity. — Danion has known of very serious complications,
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ally diffused hypersemia ; color upon thorax, deep-
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able conditions, all we could do. he thought, was to
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dizziness and faintness, rapid and weak pulse, subnormal tem-
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that we should not bear unjust criticism for failure to
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that death was four times more common amongst the patients whose
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water in greater abundance than the saccharine solution.
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falls to be added to the expense which, wasted, they entail
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tion is not a good practice, as it can only act as an irritant.
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tained .'50,;510 volumes (of which 17,431 were of \>t:T\-
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similar in their ceremonies and rites of marriage, as well as in the laws
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instead of hydrogen. The determination of water-soluble

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