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attacks except one. Robert had black vomit, but recovered.
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All tents are crowded, not more than about eighty cubic feet of air
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aphonia — that is, it is a functional loss of voice ; there is nothing
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in 24 to 48 hours. In this inoculation witli the toxic products alone, the
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marked in tubes 4, 5 and 6 as in the others, though in 1, 2 and 3
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volitional exertion. They are allied to the mobile spasm of athetosis,
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Y'oung, John, Fishkill-on-Hudson, Dutchess Co. Original.
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cent, of the cases. Twenty per cent, of the fifty-five were cured and
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present recall to my recollection only two fatal cases— one
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" There also exists an outer l&e, devoted to the welfare
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us in adv.ance. When this paragraph is marked it means that the paid-in-advance period of your subscription
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he is submitted year by year to badgering and baiting particularly by
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ri"hl lo tlut jircHHiire. Thorc wus duliHHs ut the buHo
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Salem Charitable Building Association. Treasurer and Agent, C.
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of satisfaction while the cars are running rapidly on the track.
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The cost of the uniform is about |18.00. The grade of
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tie applies the undiluted solution to the afiected parts by means of a ca^
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Transfusion was performed the next day, but the patient died
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of the cecal walls, chiefly within giant cells, and many lymphoid elements.
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injection. It is doubtful how much good hydrate of chloral, by the mouth or
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hot milk, and plenty of good drinking water. I have long prescribed
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elongate, tapering at both ends, with tracheae not yet filled with air
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Dyspnoea — Diflicultas refpirandi aflldaa et chro-
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output, ejection fraction, and left ventricular end diastolic pressure
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tially useful parts of the profession, which, though
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had picked up a nail, five days previous, which was withdrawn by
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two cases of intrathoracic tumour, and showed preparations and sections
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issue is deferred and life ends in coma, it will be found that
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from whence it is 'very probable, that the transmission of the

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