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and may doubtless serve to protect those particular localities from

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that difficulties which, but a short time ago were looked upon as

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cult to believe with what accuracy the bone is replaced by

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due to a substance named " Edestin " which it contains.

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effect on the nerve centres, and it might have a destructive

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parasitic cells — straining with the Leishman and

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time drawing the horse's head around toward the left

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Pink-eye is a contagious inflammation of the conjunc-

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malleable ring which would hold the uterus in its normal position,

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any one generation we know too well. And -finally we

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cartilage of which this tube is composed. It should

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the grain, the size of a pin's head, sixty-one globes of sugar, each

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pendent of all systems destined to explain light. The theory which

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so much comfort and hap{>iue:»s. It makes that which formerly appeared us one <»f

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prophylactic measures, for individuals and communities. I hope to

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able quantities, of course, is of great service, and

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clusions arrived at in this article. Special attention

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Moore, Sir J., two unusual cases of enteric fever, 66.

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and other physical forces. If this is unthinkable, then

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affording relief to the irritations and congestions of the lungs and

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I. — The Gal^ctagogue Piioperties op Faradisation. By

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number, duration and size. Subscribers should^ therefore, con-

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starch, purified casein, butter or lard, and salts to

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hyperacidity, hypersecretion, and motility disturb-

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neck and emitting a peculiar grunt, frequently sucking

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oommenoement, held on the 10th of March, the degree of M« D.

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chloride of calcuim is added to it, there is no precipitation, and

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also written favorably of this method of prevention.

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I look back, instead of being glad that I was decent

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in the Lancet of to-day ,^in which he discusses the question more .

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•« I would impress upon you," said Dr. Wood, in 1858, ''that

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that clinical tuberculosis developing in adult life is

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contracted pelvis. In eight of these delivery was spon-

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tached in large jjicces. There is pronounced itching.

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sake, and that in the decisions made, they have not been influenced

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from the Latin Rubidus, used to express the darkest red color,

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cent. d. In general administration and other activ-

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to their respective corps of gratified and appreciative readers.

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even of the shoulders, corresponding to the cardiac

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examination detected a small mass in the right for-

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Uffelmann's tests, and occult blood with the guaiac

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