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Volume V. of its Transactions, in the following terms :

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gr. j. M. Repeated every hour or two p. r. n., and then

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whatever function, are implanted in the gray matter of the

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the work. To all these the author has devoted an appropriate share

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Kentucky. — Samuel Annan, R. W. Gaines, J. B. Flint, J. W. Sin-

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nervous matter and water. It has given out to the water, gela-

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WEST, F.R.C.S. (Eng.), Captain R.A.M.C. (T.) 23. 6d. net.

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cially combined. A grain of iron as it exists in chalybeate

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pose, was held and directed by straight forceps, grooved at the

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toms were relieved, and very soon the cure was complete.

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utero, were, in fact, caused by motion of the uterus itself.

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natural appearance given to the prothesis. Mules sug-

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kept up so as to keep the parts, as nearly as possible, in proper

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The Virginia Medical and Surgical Journal says : u - Several trials

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regard to all the most important functions, and could easily

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Music, per *t. never has cured an insane patient in our time-, or, as a late

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