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living together in the same house and under precisely the same con

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as this principle is it is strange that no one before Dr. Pooley

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the pupil in corpora quaclrigemina the centres for the

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the necessity of active warfare against this source of tubercu

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hour characterized by a severe rigor succeeded by sweat

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ten sugar vegetable jelly oil and extract. Of these

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a joint communication by Drs. James H. Lloyd and Da

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to their own substance without this sense of touch how soon

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even indirectly contagious. A good example is cholera. The germs leaving

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though you confine them to bed. The patient whose case I have

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The non parasitic generation has smooth bodies cylindrical but

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pathological reason valid to ourselves at least we could not

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especially in women who have leucorrhcea or other uterine

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from any of these efforts of mine. Its prevalence over the country

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the higher animal organisation into a lower and phy


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