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Syme spent two years at the Arts classes of the University, and in 1817
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bronchial mucous membrane or from a large vessel. In general,
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inence on the right side, the highest point of which is
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tained there during the first week. Bran mixed with pounded ice produces a
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it is ready for use. If it has been carefully scraped there will
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perhaps in these days of trusts they might allow the incorpora-
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diseases, and to various affections of the face. Un-
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tion liolding on to important positions when those talents
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are operative in different cases, or it may be even in the same one.
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diseases and for remedies, will be found greatly to
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and the objects anri scope, of the Association, and re-
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duced. This is repeated at intervals of from one to
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Inoculation of the scrotum of the rabbit by the methods described usually re-
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are employed at all, entirely to fluid extract of ipecac, the care-
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lence, appearance of severe gastric disorders, etc. A written diet
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the ichor-apraemia of others. He believed with Dr. Robert
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carotid artery was displaced backwards. There was enormous dilatation
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Art. IV. .1 'Jri/j to India durin<i the PJayae Season.^
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Dr. Robert L. Pitfield, "Tuberculous Meningitis and Tuberculoma
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can be shown to be a hollow viscus ; a minute, luminous V-shaped spot
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of Berlin ; " The Place of most Acute Vision in Fish
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Nothing succeeds like success. We have extended our facilities
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sanguinolent. About four weeks later a fourth punct-
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•346 (42) 5 The annual digest of all reported decisions of
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no means to the extent generally supposed. How man) such
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veloped 24 hours after the first inoculation and therefore before
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were given, showed that these doses did not possess greater hypnotic effect
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same way from elsewhere, that it was indeed an infective disease.
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1975, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
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In conclusion, I may remark that it seems to me that the chief
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pain are sometimes so severe as to render a continuance of the

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