Mestinon Double Vision

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third attacks are usually neither so severe nor so curable as first
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and allied Structures by the Injection and Application of
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there is a considerable amount of useful mformation scattered
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originated in Watertown and the Council has previously
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On the evening of the expiration of the ninth month the
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clear on excretion, heat caused their deposition ; the addi-
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The following resolutions were offered by Dr. Lucius
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Altstadter, of Pesth, strongly recommends small doses of extract
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growth and the gigantic dimensions to which they attain, as well
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without success. Vomiting commenced on the afternoon
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Few of us have witnessed any recoveries under tive years
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summer, but not unfrequently, continues in a chronic form for
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Gehring, MD. The roll call was taken with the following
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stramonium, but what else, has passed from my mind. Dr. T.
mestinon double vision
of follicular tonsillitis before the British Medical Assoc-
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unspecific inflammation. 14 Usually after partial cystec-

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