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Fellows: — Honorary — Professors Crudeli, Da Costa, Oilier, Potain,
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decline in the phthisis death-rate will, then, have been sufficiently
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west region in comparison with Denver and Chicago, which cities
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a somewhat fibrous appearance, being in marked contrast to the normal chocolate-
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accompanied by an excessive growth of nuclei within the capsule, which leads to
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much relieved this morning, and slept so well last night, that
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1950. He was on the staffs of DePaul Hospital, Norfolk
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the three other children, stayed at Warren at the house belonging
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taking on account of the stimulating effect which it produced, was
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ness immediately expressed her entire disbelief of anything injurious to
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Clinical TliexORT. — Transient gout ond persistent gout require «p»
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or cold combined with dampness. The disease is said to prevail
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benefits he first made possible, will gladly unite thus to
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To the Editor: My compliments to Dr Waitzkin for his
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fluid than by the rapid absorption of an over-dose of mor-
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speak of as peculiar and indescribable. Some are teased with diarrhoea,
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{c) Other cases were shown to illustrate the method
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put a large bundle of bills into his pocket and start for
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that the palliation may continue unbroken for a number of years.
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resemblance. Each had a period of invasion then a pause and
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Bennett, Laycock, Balfour, Allman, and Miller. The teaching
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In all instances where pain is of such severity that opiates are
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the irritability of muscles, rendering them completely rigid.
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Tincture of Gualac, or the Ammoniated Tincture, in doses of one or
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the primeval savage from that sluggish, inactive, and unintel-
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thing like a blue line along the gums. Dr. J. C. Mac-
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amount would have been only $74.35 had it not been for the unnecessary expense incurred,
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to be looked for when the disease is severe, than when it is mild,"
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mellaril and thorazine are examples of
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firm, and the lung had to be dissected out. When removed, it was
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tratorial investigation; and our aid may be necessary
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teeth, its action ceases. In the construction of this instrument, it is im-
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iment. He had been called in consultation by a physician
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general store ; and only as a final resort have the purchasers
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knowledge of diseases, and of the remedies appropriate to each
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widened, the four lowest almost obliterated, (which the impediment to the entrance of
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of the particular motorial changes which the atoms of ponderable matter
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the author upon a case in Prof Mosler's clinic. The
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body weight and appetite increase, acetone and dia-
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amid the cry of battle Dr M'Grigor and his companions sent home
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the oil of chenopodium. Schiififner^^ has recommended drop-
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and apparent vigorous health, asked him if he would not take a cigar. — '.
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Dr. Kirkes, also, leave no doubt that similar changes may occur
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vided, the sensibility of the face is entirely lost, and no impres-
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Hadrian. His father, whose name was Nicon, was a man
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