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progressed quite well. The sutures were removed on the fifth day, union per
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frequently arises in private practice is whether it is advisable to engage
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the head. A four grain tablet or pill is the most convenient form and it
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takes place on the sixth, and that, according to Pflliger, the human
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waters in our own island is not very fully developed. The Section is
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cently. With several decades of research, the successful use
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dairy industry. A number of bulletins have been issued, for which
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communication on fibrous tumors of the uterus, of which the following is an
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(13.) Teead. — This is, as its name indicates, a contused
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7. That very rarely the catamenia reappear in aged insane women after pro-
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vie sold, the smaller number of saloons, the uniform
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repeated seventeen times in twenty -four days, and the
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Emmet and Tait did, but he does not explain the reason of
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tion, ammoniacal decomposition, and admixture with the products of mucous
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specimen centred in the condition of the left lung,
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venture to briefly criticise in the hope of improving the lesson :-
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meaning of the Bible account of creation, it is sufficient to answer,
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terly detailed, in which transfusion was resorted to, in cases of uterine haemor-
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a thrombus in the superior longitudinal sinus and from
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for deliberately. Moreover, Professor Lehmann, a leading
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flesh diet it is about 074, and on a mixed diet somewhat higher, these
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the remains of soldiers who died in Cuba during the
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free from odour and unpleasant taMe. "It possesses all the advantages claimed for it." —
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being carried on. The wounded and the hospital establishments
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to it. Many eat fennel with pleasure while others are
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» Patholog. Sooietj'i Proceedings. 1871. VoL lY. P. 266.

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