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Ho^i.v dct.b it proceed that the holding of the breath doth cause
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things were true, there cobld be no need to suppose the solu-
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This vein was followed until free bleeding was obtained, where it was
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This distressing disease may be relieved by applying
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interesting case of the kind was published by Jerzykowsky. A lady in the upper
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between the regulars and volunteers is impracticable.
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when a virus, whatever it may be, has penetrated the
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The doctor was made president of the Connecticut Medical
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It should always be kept in a tiglitly closed bottle,
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case at Burton, England, where the animals were driven,
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case, Dr. Mason ligated the lingual artery in the triangle.
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symptoms were not indicative of the disease, for the patient is said merely
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the case terminated fatally. In making the autopsy he
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of marked aortic insufficiency. The temperature ranged from 98 to 102. The
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large tumours produce no optic neuritis, and very small ones are accom-
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9. Finally, remember that suppuration in an operation wound is
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for a time, under my care. The epistle is evidently a most strenuous
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gth day, Oct. 21st At 6 a.m. some nausea; at 7 A.M. a
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the tube nearly a foot without any difficulty, when it would go no
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food, in the form of starch, and by this decomposition appears
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time I took hold of him and tried to persuade him to
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\\vk\ sUv i\^j»>ivuu^ one who seemed to aim at uni-
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\^«^U Ul t^ o»iw»i ^f <luwiiiWB> and the trae modea
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trayed, the trust of the intelligent and conscientious care of
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methods of preserving complement are in vogue — salting" (addition of from
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is efiected." In the first five pages a condensed but accurate
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classified, according as they agree or disagree in the impres-
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•* On January 10, 1870, we cut out from the right sciatic nerve of a rabbit,

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