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left patella. The bone was broken transversely through its middle, and

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per mL can inhibit crystal growth on prism faces.^® As a

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supporting but men wbose labor will add to tbe productive wealth of the

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sensation. The animal " gives way " in its hind-quarters ;

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and every child that contracts it does it just as surely from

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Treatment. — The treatment of this affection is very simple, a,.

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were able to dress or undress themselves, and two were

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Dr. D. C. Absher : In making up the program for this meeting our

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pany chronic cerebral congestion and changes in the walls

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mere routine application of the general principle of

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June 11th. The patient had slept well ; the disten-

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be made, and shall endeavor to collect a suitable fee according to that

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3. When either sleep or wakefulness oversteps the proper

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ants of one American Tory and have intermarried for many

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Dare suggests that for sake of convenience the results be expressed

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nor was I even confined to the sofa on the days on which they

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same method are probably due to the fact that, working with prep-

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is our object to avoid in operative proceedings." (Copeland's

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Deep sutures of catgut were employed for the purpose_ of

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or if it be otherwise, as it is occasionally, and the inflamma-

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chlorhydria. For the rest, plenty of food, with the object of

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ders for narcotic drugs were permitted, much greater

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it highly probable that there is no increase of "flexion" after the

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several quarts of blood. It was a difficult matter to remove the

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treated for kidney disease, since the doctor had examined

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day unthinking society says, "Yes." I feel certain, however,

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matter contains MM. Ribot, Richet, Janet, Fe'lix Al-

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arsenic have been freely employed both in England and in Germany, but in

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menced my incisions at a point some three inches below

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disease may, in some cases, at least, be the result of remittent fever. Out

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ologic examinations were uniformly negative, except in

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2. The Academy shall consist of Fellows, Houorai-y Fellows, Members, aud

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instance, as hay or straw brought from a malarious place. Herein

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Dr. S. Lilienthal, of New York, chairman, read a paper upon the

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it was not till 1895 that Argyll Robertson described them as a

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69. THE NINTH PLATE OF MUSCLES, Workshop of Titian.

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