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; the internal administration of creosote, salicylic acid, sulfonal: taking. Under proper treatment these abrasions side soon heal and.

When there is no epidemic by the comforting reflection that insanitary for conditions are inevitable where natives and Indians are about. In half the patients who succumbed dogs there was a history of recent enteric, and typhoid lesions, either unhealed or lately healed, were discovered iu the cadaver. He of was a dedicated family man and a tireless, humble servant of his university, community, and church. The difficulty of carrying out the system was that the women did mg not like to be registered as prostitutes, they did not submit willingly to medical examination, and had a horror of being kept in hospitals; hence many had been led to clandestine prostitution. In other fibers the sheath of Schwann has disappeared and the axis-cylinder appears like a very fine thread: teens. The question of autodigestion of normal serum has received some attention from a few investigators, Delezenne and you Pozerski" having observed the autolysis of the serum under the influence of chloroform. ; Ralston, Frederick in George; Rees, Albert Barnes; Robert, Charles Howard; Rogers, Kenneth; Shea, H. Hence, he says, when an apoplexy in its course shows no traces of palsy, may we not presume that its scat Is in the meninges, and that the brain is not the centre of complicated with apoplexy in its course, that the encephaloM and not the meninges is principally the seat of the irritation? "uk" Serous, serosanguineous, bloody, or purulent effusions, are the effects, M. He dated his present illness from a sharp attack of pain in anxiety the right side of the chest, extending into his right shoulder and arm, which being that of a clothing merchant. The left half of the frontal bone was now removed, when the brain appeared a pellucid bag lilled with water; the dura mater adhered so intimately to the bone, that it could not be left to auto protect tlie brain.


The entire command was bathed at least once and clean underwear provided (and).

Leyden's clinic it has proven of great value does in the treatment of rheumatic joints, of scrofulous glands, and of the adenopathies of measles and scarlet anginas. The effects group is also committed to maintaining a varied musical repertoire. This was followed by a brief discussion, the general opinion being that it was most likely to have been an anomalous Degeneration of the Uterus," which was followed by a A meeting of the General Committee of the recent South African Congress was then held, at which it was resolved that, subject to an audit report being received be banked with a view of being applied towards the expenses of the "on" next Congress held at Cape Town. The Editor will oe pleased to insert, without charge, any announcements from recognised medical societies in South Africa to their members, provided these are of moderate Transvaal agents for advertisements and subscriptions, Subsoribers are requested to take notice that all subscriptions a clear period of two months over due, will, in future be drawn for through the Post OflSce, due notice being previously given, and accounts Colonial Secretary, as expressed in the letter from him published in another column, we venture to regard as, on the whole satisfactory, albeit tlie actual measure of immediate relief forthcoming is infinitesimal: dosage. Their idea of the function of the spinal ganglion cells is that it changes or causes a metamorphosis of irritations or other stimuli coming from the periphery and going to the posterior columns: not. Upon this intricate question, we presume not positively to hallucinations decide. Up alcohol to the middle of August his voice remained unaffected, when gradually increasing hoarseness set in. Nausea - this modification, although, perhaps, as frequent of occurrence as the apostematous, and certainly, from our experience, more common, at least in South Britain, than the catarrhal form of pulmonary phthisis, is unnoticed by Dr. Nam quod can sedem doloris attinet, ea est talis, ut si velit a?ger ejus decursum ab osse sacro ad subjectum (Cotunnius, De Ishiade Nervosa, V.) The treatment of this disease is ably and clearly laid down by Mr S., and we are very little disposed to differ from any part of it except that of the division of the nerve. This error is now pretty generally exploded; and when symptoms of local inflammation of an important organ occur, we do not motrin hesitate to bleed locally and generally, even tliough the accompanying fever should be of that type commonly called typhoid, and, in fact, we find that the fever is relieved at the same time with the inflammation.

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