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avoided. My observations thus far as to the effect of the

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votes were recorded by mail, the niie to elect a Secretary for the year

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(7) Spleen Troubles. — For splenetic affections the ma-

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Letters, whether written for publication or private information,

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3. Other foci of infection frequently occur at the same time, such as

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in which the act occurred, passed into complete bewilderment

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Stuart M'Donald, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Newcastle-on-Tyne,

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must be in research work chosen from courses 28, 29, 30, 32, 41, 42, 43.

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(Amherst) 1868; M. D. (Jeff.) 1873. Mem. Wor. Soc. Med. Im-

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him from ilie medical Hchool, and ha» beHides one jour-

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that every honest and faithful observation of physical phe-

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4. The quantity of enteric juice secreted is invariably small, and of

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" Diagno.sis of Ovarian Tumours," n pcriloneal ivjlammaloi-y cyd.

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requires actual inoculation to produce it; so a healthy animal five or six

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Board of Health," at Otsego, Detroit, Port Huron, and other places,

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II., 1348-1281 B.C. Prescriptions for the cure of a disease called Uchetu,

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by the conservation of the periosteum he obtains the development of osseous

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ently free from disease other than that due to com-

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investigations into the use of baths seems to warrant.

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The abdominal note reached as high as the sixth rib in the nipple line,

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than fracture or separation of an epiphysis, we must consider whether

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about six ounces of Vilood before it was arrested. He is still more debili-

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had an attack of acute pain at this spot which confined

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Francisco. Taken from a transcription, it was edited by Nathan M. Bass, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, under

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thirds of the posterior half of the drum-head will be sufficient. In the other

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to be shown in a knowledge of the principles underlying the use of

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seems to be made because while other disorders do not neces-

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the colt had practically recovered. He lost a good deal of flesh

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The diet should be light and nutritious, and the state of the stomach

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cover the whole earth in a few years if each seed were

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ment in its appearance, particidarly as regards its pelt. Arsenic has long

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the anatomy of the human body." At this period anatomy was

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makes between the habits of the acarus scabiei of the human body

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