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TABLE 1. — Sequence of Negativity of the Points Shown in Figure 1 *
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sane but differentiated from the latter by the premonitory symp-
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will be found that the heart's contractions are just double the num-
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caused when an impulse which reaches the ventricles by the usual path
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a hunting trip in the Rocky Mountains (altitude 5,000 feet). Following an
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lowed during treatment and which have been under observation for
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When the sac arises from the front of the artery it is of small dimen-
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praecox it is 6.7 to 100 (although the figures are higher for dementia
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pure. The fact is, however, that the stenosis is almost never pure ;
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the experiments just recorded, be regarded as definitely settled in the
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chloralamid in 20 or 30 grain doses in cachets or dissolved by tritu-
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syphilis, derive little or no benefit from salvarsan alone as a rule ; how-
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of measuring the rate of propagation was used in five experiments
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complex of the electrocardiogram to functional changes in the heart 830
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pus. In a doubtful case the patient should be anaesthetized so that
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It is not so much the smoking too much as the smoking of very
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aorta presented the signs of arteritis ; some showed dilatations, others
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Keflex tachycardia develops from disease of some distant organ,
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of the network formed by the interlacing and anastomosing of the
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Am. Jour. Med. Sc, 1913, cxlv, 705; First Progress Report, 1914, 111.
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color and firm consistence. They may be sessile or pedunculate,
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skin readily explain the absence of perspiration, the dry skin, and loss
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Beadles reported six cases of rupture of the heart among the
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is small. These changes are due to endarteritis and hyaline periarte-

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