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in accepting as true (or worthy of trial) whatever he lays before us.

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on its excellent work for the past year, as shown by the reports

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Those produced in the human body may be, and doubtless are, the

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Texas for 1903, just issued from the press of The Von Boeckmann-

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has been foimd all over Southwest and Southeast Texas this fall.

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and J. R. Turner. On the preservation in vitro of living

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in the light of their own experience and judgment selecting the

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vigilance and measures employed by the service, yellow fever has

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it is organized; and in making such rules and regulations the terms

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has a delightful camp sanitarium : an ideal place for consumptives

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the stimulus word, is likely to make a subject of a given class

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about two feet above water, and everything which has

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tests were undertaken with a variety of bacteria, including the

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quito is the only means of dissemination. True, he may have been

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and Cushing, H. W., 504, 555, 587, 641; pediatrics, Rotch, T. M., and

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The descriptions, therefore, will deal chiefly with these areas. Of

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pus tube with many firm adhesions having been removed.

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is more than 3200, while the United States census reports show the

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and above all she had been very restless. The husband further

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obstruction, due to MeckeFs diverticulum, that have recently oc-

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The law and the lash kept him in subjection, while on plantations

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physicians. Those who do not accept the mosquito theory, and

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tome at intervals of 1.25 cm. In the first section, from before back-

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VII. Neurology — Dr. G. Lane Taneyhill, Jr., and Dr. C.

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A full day's work for the entire period in as many courses

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