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here. In certain cases of skin grafting the grafted pieces of skin are

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symptomatic of some disturbance in the economy more or less connected with

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examination showed both nasal cavities closed at their poste-

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final subjects. The chief additional alteration in the curriculum is the

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was discussed at some length by Drs. Rutherford, Nelson and

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while those in which the history was doubtful were 19,

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USERS of DIOXOGEN know and appreciate the difference.

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date of matriculation. Application blanks may be secured from the

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acteristic appearance of the tongue, which is peculiar to this

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anaesthesia, and incontinence of both bladder and rectum.

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at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Two of these were single infections

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Surgeon General Rixey in his annual report recommends

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cal researches of Papenheim, and the analogy of syphilis and other

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dressings, appliances, etc., at such increased rate, to be determined

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ples are more common than formerly, because the skin covering the nipple is

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previously ; and the diminution in virulence, though gradual, progressed

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the first time in life, without assignable cause (April 1, 1913). His vomiting

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nable heresies, looseness of principle and of prac-

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health and more perfect physique "^vas hard to find. After having suc-

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But there are several accidents v^'hich lying-in WQi^en are

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1898 a. — A case of Cijsticercus celhdosiv of the brain. [Read Feb. 2] <Tr. Coll.

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J. Henry Stempien, d.m.d., Assistant Clinical Professor of Oral Surgery.

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travasation of fluid may occur into the liver, peritoneum and intestinal

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Tight lacing is an evil which sometimes entails serious

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The rather sharp distinction which this reaction makes between

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version. This was with some difficulty accomplished

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minimum of 60 credits past their Bachelor's degree. They choose an area of concentration from

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presented at the LIniversity of Chicago on May 23. The

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ently not specific to the degree indicated by the work of Gay and

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The small papules are sometimes surmounted by a tiny vesicle, whilst in

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Most persons who bring large trunks from America leave them

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former, as in an accidental retroversion the force that

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Owing mainly to the objection of the patient the operation was

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