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operation should be performed, unless bad symptoms are

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classed as doubtful. The percentage of diseased animals in

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muscles, or of those which have been injected with Homer's solution,

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idiocy, paralysis and rigidity. When in another monkey one carotid and '

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presenting; the same peculiarities of speech, yet showing no

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besides which active stimulants are often required. Iodine,

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Dr. David Arthur asked whether, by further cultivations, the bacilli

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involvement or bilateral posterior involvement, or when

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Here is a sentence of surpassing difficulty, which will test to

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7. Ormsby, O. S., and Montgomery, H.: Diseases of the Skin.

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Alabama, and the battle of Bentonville, in North Carolina.

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said which can be considered discourteous or unprofes-

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tageously in febrile conditions attended witli excessive calorification. On the

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used in the elimination of excreta and combatting the flv pro-

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young subjects seems to invite the hopeless sequel of hydrocephalus.

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and not infrequently their meals are brought in to them.

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after I first saw the patient, the periodical discharge returned, of which

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At first it is sufficient to take the child from bed

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discomfort, she has regained her normal weight and has good color.

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midbrain (tractus tecto-bulbaris and fasciculus longitudinalis

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not studied the living anatomy is not qualified to be a

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caulay's biographer, Sir G. O. Trevelyan. He speaks

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No cases are treated on the result of the Wassermann reaction

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scomb, Shelbyville; Dr. Wallace Estill, Winchester; Dr. J. P.

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compounds in temporarily reducing the temperature to normal.

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tions includes laboratory exercises, frequent demonstrations of gross

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No surgeon can work it all out for himself. He can gain

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judgment as to whether a person is ' incapable of Avork " it is

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hand instead of being swollen out of shape and showing signs of

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in children. These advances include improved diagnostic

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naturally. It would be a waste of time to enter upon a

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