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noon, and remained without further food until five o'clock in the after-

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prolongation was 14% with no instances of greater than first-degree

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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ably due to some humor in the blood, probably due to fault}' excretion

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pneumonia. Thus, if a particular series of cases studied were due, for

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ical Society, who had failed in the beginning to give

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cause is being clearly proven from the fact of the early

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Curtiss, William Martin Stanley, Bristol, May 17, 1914.

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(fig. 21). It was said that this bullet had all the advantages of

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unquestionably just. ' Woman adopts herself to an altered

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him part of the time. Mr. Smith began with him, and

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should be clearly stated in the article. Changing data on

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and so affecting the cortical structures as to abolish or interfere with

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are almost invaluable; we use mustard and repeat in from every two to

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strait-jacket and to foist an expensive, inefficient and

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by my five patients are to be described it is evident that all presented

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was afebrile and alert without nuchal rigidity or other signs of

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scrotum. It is proposed shortly to repeat this operation on the left

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' Bettrtfge zui pathoL Anai. and Physiol., ron B.Zteglex and <'.

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Near these we find the remains of destroyed glomeruli, which

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pository of hardened honey ought to be in shape and volume nearly

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Pediatrics. Senior Assistant Attending Pediatrician,

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in the case of Sarah !F , aged 18, admitted into the Summer Clini-

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site infesting the trout of Yellowstone Lake <Bull. 164, U. S. Fish Com.,

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