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causing a scarcity that almost amounted to famine in some districts.

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animals intravenous injection of bacteria,*^ kaolin,*^ protein split prod-

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ova are generally situated in the mucous or submucous layers, and the

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To settle decisively the question of poisoning, the

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Second-class postage paid at Philadelphia, Pennsyl-

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gradual development. Nothnagel suggests that actual spinal

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which, on auscultation is shown by fine subcrepitant r&.les, by signs

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It will be noted that the eleven diseases listed fall naturally

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The routine method of treatment at the Hospital is to use the

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to bed. It is remarkable that scarcely a drop of blood was lost during the

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of worms or ova in the stools at once establishes the diagnosis.

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These ordinarily show but little if any ameboid movement. Others


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We know that you, personally, do not know what to do with these colleagues. We do! But we have to know

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mined disorders. It has been known since 1978 that a defi-

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which had nearly the same number of vibrations per second.

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