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In the outer muscular layer of the uterus there are several large cell

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undergoing active division. Unna expressed the opinion that the

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able variations which have been noted in different cultures of tubercle

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78. ♦Peterson, W. : ** Atresia of the oesophagus with transposition

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demonstrated an increase in the fat content of the fibers when fatty

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liv 111.' |iliysi.,|..._'i,.. lull il sIm.iiI.I I'.' i.-Miiirl«'.l ili.ii ■'. i> .lilli.'iill in s..,. li,,u- ili.-

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ti\e Jiniount of <.dyeoi;e|| ill dilTeri'llt hihuh'S. lis drlenilined elieiiiie.-illy,

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the State veterinarian or assistant State veterinarian to Inspect such animal or animals

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classes of cases. Length of the bacilli was seen to vary somewhat

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it is proposed that physicians be compensated for cer-

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51. ♦Lbfoub et Fieux: " Imperforation de Poesophage. Large

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especially in diphtheria (Amenomiya" Tanaka"), senile or pre-senile

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The possibility of having speakers on eye subjects,

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claims from the principal cardiovascular-renal dis-

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nutrients as actually determined in the ordinary manner :

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this would take up too much space and would besides not be consistent

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Chicago, and it will be found that the classes known as " southern

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social animal, its superior agility, its ability to climb over obstruc-

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Since the essential sugars in the cardiac glycosides

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fell into the pattern of the cor pulmonale complex.

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Assistant in Pathology and Bacteriology, Pathological Division.

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it is pcrluips simplest to stiirt with tluit <>f 111 ie iieitl. Tills coiisists

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lymphocytes, 8 per cent eosinophils, and 3 per cent

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169. *Pab80N8^ J.: "Congenital stricture of the oesophagus."

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choroid, a memhrane of only about one-tenth the thickness of the

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Ned F did not have much to do with the B^s but sometimes played with

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will not be able to communicate the disease to persons and animals.

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fection in rats and that it was possible for our pa-

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and wrapping in dry gauze is also practiced considerably and is

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A small amount of thymus tissue is found embedded in the adipose tissue

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excrcis.' a control over the dischartre of the internal scrctioii of the

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is cut in the eci\ic:il fcuiim. tiic lindy tcnii)efatiife (piiekly falls nnlcss

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.lilalali.iii iiiav \>r ..hlaiii.'.l. .\nii.i|,U in assa\ tli.> stn-n.'tli nl' an

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and weighs only 6.5 gm. (Fig. 19). There is no evident cardiac hypertrophy.

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ernors of the various states and stated that this subject

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living and in excellent health. She has never had any miscarriages. The

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the normal markings obscured. No evident abscesses are present. Cortex

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