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-Aew nervous mfluence from tfae brain and spinal marrow, and, what ia
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two hours more should be allotted as the following table shows : —
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is certain — if the services of the person alluded to are secured, the trus-
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than the young. In the former, the diminished volume of the organ
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situated on the east coast, and are decidedly bracing. Going from north
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described (Erichsen). Abscesses in the muscles are very rare. In the
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many years past has been regarded as one of the main pillars in the
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lous telescope of Sir John Herschel, to see the inhabitants and their
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an uncommonly well-digested treatise, enhanced in value by his own
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Beyer's patches, as proved by experiments (nature not stated), so that
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generally situated near the confluence of important rivers ; there was
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to the meals, their value is great. For infants who cannot digest fresh
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evident from the consideration, that had they depended on conscious*
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nerve roots ; sometimes they were lively, sometimes much increased.
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deserve special recommendation, such as Florence, Home, the Gulf of
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— 18. Gbimshaw. Brit. Medical Journal, 1886, vol. i. p. 1216. — 19. German Army
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Method 1. — A flake from the dejecta is placed in peptone broth, and
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where the same water was drunk, the mortality was 0-88 per 10,000.
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provocative of an attack. Hard meats, cheese, pastry, beer and ill-
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In discussing diagnosis, we may remark that sometimes patients
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in fever of conditions more favourable to the discharge of carbonic
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particular purpose ; but whether opium radically removes the disease, is
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of degeneration most usually occurs as a transient phase in a paralysis
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constitutional disturbances ; or they may react locally on the tissues,
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Nov. 1890. — 197. RuTiMEYER. Arch. f. expt. Pathol, xiv. p. 384. — 198. Samuel.
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importance to the phrenologist. If these means fail of enabling him to
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Obstetrics and the Diseases peculiar to Women and Children, by Dr. Rivas.
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experimentally into a susceptible animal must again produce the disease,
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resemblances are owing to the action of the same law of development*
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sunlight ; and speaking generally, it is best to cultivate organisms in the
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In the treatment of this disease, as might have been expected, injec-
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spontaneously. In some instances the spasms are more general, more
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tive lesions by means of the injection of serum derived from protected
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