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require of our colleges a higher standard of education, and that
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doubt that proof of the insane perversion of the moral feelings would at
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sions with the irregularity in the disposition of the
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for observation is the proximate and other causes of morbus cordis.
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Circumscribed redness of the point of the nose, cheeks, and fore-
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affected. The number will depend upon the condition of
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as between boiling and steaming, is a point of some interest. Prolonged
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the antitoxins of the bacterium, or by the serum from an immune
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absorption or displacement of the clinoid process. In most instances
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" his temporibus pestilentiae ignis super Lemo^acines exarsit : corpora
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with his life, but only after great risks, and he was
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belong dull pains in the region of the loins. Occasionally per-
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and fetid smell of the exhalations and excrements may be looked
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examined the diseased limb. Horror of horrors! He discovered the re-
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ProfesBor of Operative Surgery and Clinical Surgery, UniTereit; of Maryland,
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Sarcoples scabiei, a microscopic arachnid, selectively lives
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The increased velocity impressed upon projectiles discharged from
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tient may drink freely of hot water, or of hot water to
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at certain periods — yet I cannot conceive the matter one of
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and bars. The shoe surface should be wide enough to
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i^tOiO»'>CT<^CTiO\iA'OiAin»ri tA i^ iri »A lA ^ ^ ^ (> ^00 i
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dent. Moved and supported that the present officers all be de-
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twenty years, far from the busy world and the strife of
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ning or end, is invisible, immortal, and only known
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other methods had failed to cure, would yield to it;
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some trouble with their larynx because they did not know how to
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Adamkiewicz states that there can be no doubt but that cancer is due to a
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ing, landscape gardening, and floriculture. Required of
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The mainstay of established ulcer therapy is the provi-
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with them or their discharges than to infection from contaminated clothing.
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Skiing, sailing, fishing, hunting all within a short distance.
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reports upon it, wliich must have involved very uiucli labour on their part.
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There are, however, very few cases on record of lesions restricted to
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the patient to urinate frequently, and here too the fact is remark-
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turition, and a Musi' of weight and bearing down within the pelvis.
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the congested and torpid states of the liver, and keeps the bowels in a regular and soluble con-
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swears, scolds, or kicks her, she is likely to prove refractory, and
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General massage has been regularly applied, and she has

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