Climinax Control

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positions in life render it impossible for them to bear expense ;

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For at first and even at times when the disease has

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" And here I cannot but acknowledge with gratitude the mercy of

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old men. with large stones. Of attempted litholapaxies

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For the reduction of strangulated hernia without 0])eration,

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In absence of both the President and Vice-President,

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from this remedy in some cases of convulsions, and of spasmodic cough, espe-

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attacks. — Charles L. R., ast. twenty-seven years,

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hours after. The mucous membrane of the stomach is found

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lates or clots; but for this property of the blood hemorrhages would

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affection much less conmion than it used to be. In the

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alone, or in combination. An ointment of tar, glycerin and starch gives

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same. The first case was operated on three years ago, and

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Micr. Soc, Lond., 2. s., v. 2 (2), Apr., pp. 191-192. [W» W m , W .]

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back ; repeat this a few times, and he will give up the

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The announcement is made that returns for the increased income tax

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There are palliative methods of treatment which patients

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casionally assisted by steam, will throw it off; but as the

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In proof of these statements, we beg to submit the following chemical analyses

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for a variable time, attended in most instances by a loss of consciousness

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g. Ascococcus. Cells in larger irregular colonies or

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the lameness is slight, and the horse can not be spared from work

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bitter the harvesting of the crop which has been too diligently

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the present hour ! And as we stand amazed in this new lights

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tion to this method is that it is unnatural, and unauthorized by the

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thus inducing changes, observable by the surgeon, and felt,

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service are provided with ambulances which do not belong to the

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cranium. The connections of that membrane at the suture

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reasonably expected to be read, should be included in the programme of

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apoplexy, but it often becomes frequent and feeble toward tbe

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epidemic assumes, whether in the frowning and cadaverous

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eighteen years now, in which the scar has remained cystoid, and

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has imperfect access. These last two points are of immense im-

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partially suppressed and heavy with albumin, relishes cham-

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In November, 1881, four years after the injury, the

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