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nial Nursing Association. Lord Loch read a letter addressed by Mr. Cham-
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native home of the lung plague, has at last awoke to the
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that the removal of such sources of irritation may occasionally
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and tubercle, over the costovertebral gutter. Sauerbruch formerly
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them, which is now recognised as a fundamental principle in all these
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out and the process repeated, after which the two cornua were
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of the colon. A similar instance occurred in Hartmann's practice.
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tinctly higher. In the left ventricle, on the other hand, such an effect
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but, in many points, remains to-day uncontradicted and unimproved.
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Happily much enthusiasm has been created ; institutions
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Alexander, C. T . , lieutenant colonel and surgeon. Granted
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shine. The cheeriness of his face and voice was but the mani-
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Camphor, Sir J. Murray's Fluid. — Camphor and car-
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of the rest of the limb, and lastly the death of the animal; and
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In the lower animals extravasation of blood into the
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A short time since, in conversation with an eminent
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matically, and ergot may be resorted to for the same purpose.
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this period, the horse in question must not be brought into other
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1. Hydrocele is hydropsy of the tunica vaginalis. Like other hydropsies, it
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pain was not on the basis of a vascular disease, he pre-
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tations are applied to increase the discharge, or the cup-
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helpers, returning with a young lady. A larger house was
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Grote, 1862, II. Auflage. — Panum, Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Phy-
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their vicinity, thus becoming never-ceasing sources of irritation. Finally,
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organic sensibility of the mucous surface of the kidney is precisely
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keratitis, eczema. In the very commonly occurring glandular con-
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reparation of the structures which have been mutilated by the shot,
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by the rolling inward of their edges. They consisted
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special board of medical officers has for some time been engaged
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more than ordinary intellectual power was, still*, not deficient.
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and yet the fond mother would think her young infant

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