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get into the abdominal cavity. There was some bleeding

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required osteotomy to effect its permanent cure. Tarsectomy

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tions was punishable by a term of imprisonment not exceed-

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to Dr. Maze, who considers that putrefaction is the only

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comprar cefixime 400 mg


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tration is not due to any weakening of the heart's action, but

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hours, till the discharge practically ceases. The can douche or

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Mumably rabbis, it seems hardly fair that they should be

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as " Docteur en M^decine de plusieurs Facult(^s d'Angle-

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to the difficulty he experiences in receiving constantly ," return " case

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about a great doctor who, while ministering to the wants of

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Marshall, Hankins, McMurray, ' Knaggs, Maher, Paton,

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tary Association of Japan to visit Osaka, for the purpose

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nerve, instead of being outside the inner condyle, runs over

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C. Leonard Geiger. Dr. Geiger is a pathologist at Hall

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would meet the fact that the Government Schools of Science

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modes of burial other than those now prevalent in durable coftins, per-

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towards its close a case occurred in the city poorhoase, the patient hav-

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with the notice. The first post on Thursday mornings is the latest by which

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o.p., daily, exc. S., 1..30 ; Ear, M., 1..3o ; Skin, F., 1.30 ; Throat,

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senior medical officer of the flagship Euryalus in Japan and

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masks, women will not wear them owing to the difficulty

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*," It is not necessary for a second medical practitioner to examine

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Mr. Gbiffiths thought the transverse incision applicable to

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the bone between the ends of the tendon when widely

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Table III, whicli is a diagrammatic representation of the

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tion was conveyed by water or soil or in other ways, and the

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and patients have come to me from all parts, I have seen so much

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any precautions are taken to prevent premature burials. In

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Unhealthy Employment in fac/orfes.— Mr. Woods asked the Secretaiy of

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the previous volume as having been treated with tuberculin,

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any of the subjects whom he sliowed me, and wlio have so

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this valuable monograph, containing as it does new, precise,

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of the femoral and iliac veins is commonly considered by

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