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pretty well understood, and others of which are more
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further rise of temperature. The large wound healed by first
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acter of more than ordinary severity and fatality. The sick reports of
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A Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences, embracing
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not definitely attributable to any uterine condition. I
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accepted and presented with such great success that it is to remain a perma-
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remedy. Under such circumstances, one is obhged to yield, lest
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Examination at the time of his return to the clinic
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a strictly liquid one, consisting chiefly of milk that has been boiled, and,
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act which has given Ilering the most fame, the one act which
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this evidence of professional activity in the Pacific Province.
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produces insanity as their penalty, are already known to be, in part:
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that vaccination is efiHciently carried on tliroughout the country.
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Drs. Hall, Alford and Glenn, whose kindly greeting we greatly miss.
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particular combinations needful for speech movements, and in association
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of the following issues will be greatly appreciated :
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quality also? The cases which show an habitual low blood-
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brutal, the low-born, and inherently vicious scarcely
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new knowledge regarding bovine tuberculosis than the careful
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ished ; extreme thirst ; occasional vomiting of a bright green fluid ; bowels
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genius, often deceives the learned, and passes current
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is interesting from the fact that observations at the dispensing counter
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Dudgeon's (Fig. 60). It consists of a small button connected with a
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in their intensity. A slight, but by no means marked, decrease is also
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vailed since books were written ; which is to extol,
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danger is correspondingly lessened. To reduce the temperature
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parts of the brain in the blushing from emotion and the sweating from
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in the dog. Up to the time of Celsus, a. d. 2^0, we still find no
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had surrounded the common carotid artery and ju^lar vein.
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syringing with hot water, boric acid, and saline solutions of a non-irrita-

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